Knowing how far you’ve come

One of my instructors last week posed the question, “as we enter the last week of the year, make sure to take some time and ask yourself ‘how far have I come this year?'” I thought it was a good opportunity for me to look back on this past year, 2015, because gosh it was an incredible one.

Click back to December 31, 2014 when I wrote this post:


Coming off of 2014, and the shocking surprise it was (really, I didn’t set out to lose 40 pounds in that 52 weeks last year) I had no idea what to expect for 2015, so I simply set the possibilities wide open – sky high. Here’s a quick recap of things I did this year that never seemed within reach… before this year 🙂

  • Set a workout schedule and stick to it long-term. In January of this year, I started to find my groove with my first “real” workout schedule since I became a mom in 2010. And I stuck to it. That schedule still is fundamental to my week coming out of the year, just like it was, even so new and fragile, at the beginning of the year.
  • Register for, train for and run in my first competitive run longer than a 5K. (The 10K with the Illinois Marathon.) 13528_10104954745636840_7318643304820967340_n
  • TIMG_1320ook a leap and signed up as a Beachbody coach, to help others along their own journey, just as I had several people helping me. I didn’t know what to expect, but coaching has been an incredible ride this year and I can’t wait to keep it going this next year. Oh, and I get to go to Nashville for free next summer thanks to such an exciting start out of the gates this year!
  • “Kicked things up a notch” with my fitness schedule, when it went from something I did a handful of times a week to something that began to challenge and push myself in day in and day out. Mike tells people there was a specific day where I told him “someday I’m going to take these two 60 min classes at the Y back to back”… and then that very day, walked out of the first class just to tell him I’d decided to kick it up a notch and make THAT day the day I tried them both 🙂
  • Began and successfully completed three different at-home workouts, spanning between 21-60 days each, on top of the other workouts I was doing
  • 11707547_10105215014221510_1221497081363800093_nCelebrated one year of healthful living with my hubby when we had our “August anniversary“. We commemorated it by each holding 45 pound weights at the gym, since we’d both individually lost 45-50 pounds at that point.
  • Took what felt to be my biggest leap yet and signed up to go through training to become a group fitness instructor for Les Mills Body Pump. That was back in October, and I managed to survive an intense weekend of training, my first (somewhat nerve-wracking) times teaching in front of a live class, hours and hours of studying and practicing and passing my taping to become “officially official”.

And those are just my “how far I’ve come” milestones related to fitness!

Things I’ve gained this year? Deeply rooted confidence in myself unlike any other time in my life. Way more muscle than I ever thought I’d have on my body 🙂 Improved relationships with my hubby, kids and others, too. Many new wardrobe items.

What have i lost this year? Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly really), not much weight. I’m ending this year just a little less than ten pounds less than where I was when I started it. But I am telling you, the difference in myself (physically, mentally and otherwise) is INCREDIBLE from them until now. While it may sound cliche, I have to say it. You are so much more than a number on a scale. A LOT of change can be happening without even seeing *that* number moving much.

It’s been a huge year. How far have I come? I go back to what I said almost exactly a year ago: “… I have no clue what I’ll be capable of in the new year and I won’t be limiting myself.” Yep. That’s exactly what happened 🙂


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