“I could never…”

I wrote this in my head during my ten minute plank today…

About a month ago, one of my friends issued a challenge to simply hold a plank (or hover, or whatever you want to call it) for as long as you could. Pretty straight forward. At the en12087784_10105526834775620_8643606839552998021_od of the month, you go back and try it again and see how much your time improved by. Sweet. I’d never done such a thing before. And so I issued the same challenge to my challenge group and gave it a go.

Results? Not bad at all! I stayed on my toes for two minutes. WOW! I was so glad I could do it!

Then what happened? People all over started planking. It felt like every day that first week someone was planking every time I opened up my Facebook feed! And their times kept CLIMBING! First ten minutes, then I saw some people posting 12 or 15 minute times. What?! I only did two minutes and I couldn’t imagine going ten.

Fast forward to my Body Pump training adventure just a week later, which included a MINIMUM of four minutes on the toes. Ok, I did that. And that was DOUBLE the time I had just done a week prior. I fell to my knees as soon as I hit the minimum of four minutes though.

Until today. Its the last day of the month so I thought I’d give it a go before my shower. And….

SWEET! I made it all the way to ten minutes! My “goal” for myself was to make it to five (further than that four minute mark earlier this month) but as soon as I crossed the seven minute mark my new goal was ten 🙂

Here’s the thing, and here’s what I’m writing this post.

  • Had my friend not posted this challenge in the first place, I never would have even tried it.
  • Had another friend not posted the “trick” to take it to a “side hover” when you need a break, I would have fallen to my knees around the six minute mark.
  • Had I been intimidated by all the people holding it for ten minutes or more and thought “I could never…”, I would have never seen the possibility (and would have probably made myself feel pretty bad in the process too).
  • Had I not worked HARD this month, in fact, harder than I have EVER worked at my own physical fitness in any other month of my life, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.
  • And had I not taken the time to celebrate where I was starting from and push MYSELF (competing against MYSELF) further, this wouldn’t have felt so good.

Celebrate where you’re starting from, my friends. Find people who will ENCOURAGE you to dig deeper and push harder. Commit to it, GO for it and see what you can do. Compete against yourself and yourself alone. You’re going to surprise yourself, I guarantee it.

I don’t share this to brag on myself or make you feel like you have to do this precise challenge too. You don’t. You can try whatever you want. Figure out what your “I could never…” is and decide you’re going after it. Maybe yours looks like one of these…

  • I could never workout at 5am.
  • I could never run a race down the street against my kid on his bike.
  • I could never wear a size medium shirt.
  • I could never kick this sugar addiction.
  • I could never stop smoking cigarettes.
  • I could never walk or run a 10k.
  • I could never stick to something longer than a month.
  • I could never stay on my toes for 10 minutes…

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