40 meals, 1 freezer – August Freezer Meal Assembly

When we were first getting the freezer meal group started, one frequent response I’d get from people was “all I have is a small freezer attached to my fridge, there’s no way I could do something like that.”

Truth of the matter is if you keep your freezer inventory relatively low (like I strive to do) fitting ten meals in it is a piece of cake. Even 20 meals. But 40? How could someone store 40 meals without a deep freeze?

That’s exactly what I did for at least 12 hours after August Freezer Meal Assembly. I did use my fridge for certain items, like burgers, that were made from fresh meat so I could keep everything cold until sets of meals started heading out of the door, but here it is folks. 40 meals, no deep freeze. So 10 IS possible!

August Freezer Meal Stats

  • 7 preppers
  • 3 additional sets of meals sold (yay for an even “10” of everything!)
  • 10 sets of meals, about half of which were grill-friendly and the other half were more like crockpot meals
  • $73 or so per prepper – awesome!

Looking for our recipes? Join our Facebook group where I post recipes each month and offer tips on prepping these meals, too!


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