That time I woke up and heard “the time is now”

iron sharpensAccountability, accountability, accountability. I can’t say it enough. For years, accountability has been the difference between sleeping in and getting up early to read my Bible. And knowing the impact of three incredible women who have been my accountability group for nearly five years in my spiritual journey, my fitness journey has been no different.

My hubby has been my primary accountability partner in my fitness journey. He helps me stay accountable in my snacking, my cooking, meal planning, etc. And there have been a few times where I’ve caught him watching me work out and realized I work out harder and better when he’s watching 🙂 So now I tell myself when I’m feeling discouraged to work out like Mike is watching me 🙂

10411280_10101397315520619_6448180294902771235_n (1)The other key person that has held me accountable has been my coach (and best friend of 20 years) Natalie. Rewind to June of last year when I was really trying to get a grip on this healthy living thing and we spent a Saturday morning together sweating it out in Nat’s basement and having a long discussion over breakfast. It was that day, long before things “clicked” for me and my weight loss took off, that Nat told me I would make a great coach and “someday we’ll be doing this thing together”. I filed that away in the back of my head and kept plugging along. (Right, photo from our basement workout in June 2014.)

Fast forward to early 2015 when I’m starting to realize I’ve got a good groove going on and talks of finding a way to help others experience the freedom I’ve found become more frequent. I keep telling myself “maybe later this year” or “after we move” or something like that. In the meantime, I’m finding myself in more and more conversations with friends sharing tips and leaning on each other for support in an effort to move towards a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our families.

And then in April I woke up one day and in my early morning quiet time spent with God, I heard “the time is now”. And realized it was in reference to taking a leap of faith as a coach. I had no idea what was going to happen and who I was going to get connected with but trusted THIS was the time.

Fast forward three-ish months. This email shows up in my inbox this week (right). I’ve had the honor and privilege of connecting with so many different people in these early months, walking with them and providing that level of accountability that I so appreciated and continue to appreciate when it comes to working towards my health and wellness goals. Not just about sheer numbers of people or numbers on a scale, but I see my challengers sharing that they FEEL good, are buying new clothes (or dusting off old ones), are happily receiving compliments on how they look and seeing health conditions improve. Oh and having FUN, too! Having FUN eating healthy and working out, yes please!

So while I’m incredible excited to have a free trip to look forward to next summer now, I am even more excited to see what the future has in store for me and all the people I’ve already connected with and those yet to come in the future. I knew when I heard “the time is now”, God had huge plans in store for me in this season and I’m incredible grateful to be on this journey to see His plans unfold for me!  And a special shout out to all the challengers who have participated in these first challenge groups in ANY way 🙂 You’re all awesome!


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