Proud Wife Post

Wmic progress pic augustarning – post from one VERY proud wife ahead!

My hubby is incredibly humble when it comes to his accomplishments. He’s not a boastful guy at all, so its a good thing he has me to brag on him a little bit from time to time.

Last year, I was floundering my way through the year, trying to lose some baby weight and be a healthier wife and mom. Then in mid-summer, Mike came to me with the idea that we should start monthly “challenges” as a couple to get us branching out and trying new things together, and the first one he had in mind was to do a low-carb challenge – in essence, how much of a 180 could we do compared to how we “traditionally” ate.

The answer was – we were capable, and it was pretty fun too 🙂 It was in August last year that my mission flipped from simply “get rid of that baby weight” to “whoa, what I am capable of and how can I challenge myself to get ‘there’??” With Mike by my side, my journey went from a pretty black and white one, with a beginning and an end (losing the baby weight) to a much more open-ended book that has been an incredibly wild and exciting ride this past year. Without my partner “in this” with me, I simply would not be here, doing what I’m doing, today.

Y’all know quite a bit about my story and read my words all the time. But for today, I’m going to leave you with Mike’s words he shared today and say, “THANK YOU, baby, for putting your health and our family’s health at the forefront of so much of what we do. Thank you for being the leader of this family, this household and for taking us on this wild ride. Thank you for taking care of yourself and the kids and I. I’m so proud of you and I love you!”

Mike’s post on Facebook today, below:

A year ago, on this exact day, I began a journey. One that saw me out of shape and overweight. I hadn’t touched a weight in years and the scale showed up at 240lb.

365 days later and I lift weights regularly, combine that with regular cardio sessions on the elliptical, and the scale shows up a much nicer number; 195lbs.

I’m leaner, stronger, healthier, happier, and more energetic. I think my kids enjoy it, I think my wife enjoys it, and I think I’m a better co-worker and servant to our customers because of it.

I used last month to go back to the old normal, enjoying carbs, sweets, etc. Now that my NEW birthday, Aug 1, is here I’m back at it. I know the scale won’t go down as much but I’m excited to see what happens this year!


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