Happy “Anniversary” to us (and why I love August)

10505509_10103901197665420_3644624118171593846_nLast year, on August 1, Mike and I committed to each other to, for ONE MONTH, make significant change in our daily lives to see if we were “capable” of really locking down and getting this thing done. We both DESIRED to live healthy lives. Where we could be active with our kids, free of annoying health conditions like headaches, or heartburn or restless sleep. Where we could model what its like to eat a nutritious diet and make healthy choices so that our son and daughter would be empowered to say no to the onslaught of “junk” food they are going to be hit with in the coming years as they grow and venture out in the world. (RIght, me and my adorably beautiful baby girl at the end of July 2014.)

What happened that month was truly transformative. Thank God He spoke to us at the same time and compelled both of us to spring into action before our health slipped further out of our grip. We were able to take control and feel GOOD, even better than we’d felt in our younger years!

Nearly 65% of people who lose weight gain it back (source) and in my opinion, they gain a few extra pounds with it and gain it back very quickly. Mike and I are determined to be in the minority here. We tell each other “there is no back”. What we have added to our lives replaces all that we’ve “lost” in the last year and so much more.

weight loss chart

I became a coach because people were asking me “what have you been doing?” and “how can I do it too?” I yearn to see lives transformed, people attaining freedom from food bondage and ENJOYING exercise, however that looks for them. I’ve found it, I can say now. And I desire to see others find it too! THIS is why I’m posting and asking you to join me.

Some of the people I’ve been coaching this first three months say things like:

  • “(I’m) really pleased as I’m able to control my food intake without apology to others or feeling sorry for myself.”
  • (Upon returning from a trip), “It was nice to be away, but I missed my workouts that I’ve been doing… And my food choices! Certainly ate healthier than I would’ve before 21 day fix!”
  • “Dinner was pizza tonight, but I planned for it and don’t have to feel guilty because it was IN MY PLAN. Feeling good today.”
  • “Got my work out in this morning with the kids, even though they woke up early.”
  • “My main compliment is the Shake. It’s super convenient in regards to a meal replacement-it taste good, easy to make, easy to consume, portable, etc. Big part of the success of the shake is that it is satiating for quite some time. I usually am craving some kind of food around 10-1030 daily, but with the Shake I have not had those cravings.”

right-timeYou guys, I can’t say this enough. I am PROUD of all of these people who have stepped out and into these unknown waters for them to see what change can look like in their lives. Seeing THEIR success (and there have been LOTS of successes, big and small, to celebrate these past three months!) makes me want to just swing this thing wide open for ANYONE who desires to have that same freedom. To witness change and transformation in their own lives.

THIS is why I want YOU in my August challenge group.

The longer you put it off, the longer until you see the change you’re looking for. THIS is why there’s a sense of urgency.

It’s no secret I’ve started coaching through Beachbody in recent months. I said earlier this week “August is going to be epic” for one very specific reason and its not because I hope to pull in greater commission than I have in any previous month. No, no, that’s very much missing the point.

I want to see more people, individual lives, impacted in the month of August. Celebrate my “anniversary” with me and message me now to make sure you get in on this. August is going to be epic!


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