July freezer meal assembly – Grill Edition, the sequel

Well June was the first month in over a YEAR that I did not organize a freezer meal get together (first month since we started in fact). I missed those freezer meals! We had an awesome group including THREE new people to make a set of grill friendly recipes. Plus we did it in WELL UNDER TWO HOURS!? Can you even believe it!?

This month’s stats:

  • 6 preppers (including one fiancee’) and an additional prepper “proxying in” and assembling 1.5 meals ahead of time.
  • 8 sets of meals (we sold two sets)
  • 10 meals, 4 of which we had done before and 7-8 of which were “grill friendly”
  • Just over $68 per prepper, which was incredible considering we had steak AND salmon in there!

IMG_9852Aside from the regular baby or two, there’s usually no kids at freezer meals, and Troy comes down to “watch the mommies” for a bit before heading to bed. However, this month we ended up with not just a baby but two preschool-aged kids over too! And while that could have gone haywire on us, the kids were AMAZING and played so well together. Highlights included that uber-quiet moment when I snuck down to the basement to make sure they were okay and the three of them were in the pitch black basement saying “…BLAST OFF” and pulled a “see ‘n’ say” lever. Who would have thought such a simple toy would entertain them so long!?

Aside from poor Melissa’s bumps in the road at the Sam’s pickup, we had a ridiculously smooth month of meals! Thanks to a FANTASTIC GROUP for coming after these meals month after month with gusto!

Looking for our recipes? Join our Facebook group where I post recipes each month and offer tips on prepping these meals, too!


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