The (wo)man in the mirror

I took a class called Body Attack today (if you don’t know what it is, then you need to watch this short video now) and I was SWEATY. Then I came home, cooked dinner in a HOT kitchen on a HOT day and snuggled a warm little person before putting her to bed. And then I marched my butt into the bathroom so I can take a shower and smell like a human being again and stopped myself in my tracks when I looked in the mirror…

Who IS that person!?

And then I proceeded to ham it up for the camera a little and show off my “guns”  (haha).

Listen folks. We have to celebrate ourselves. I sometimes feel like I’m bragging on myself for hitting some goals and reaching new levels. And then I realize my results are coming from HARD work and dedication. Long-term life change. A lifestyle. And I think, “show off those guns and add a smile too Amy” 🙂 Nothing wrong with that!


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