Not your typical before and after pic…


Bet you were expecting a different kind of “before” and “after” pic weren’t you?! 🙂

I don’t know about you, but my kitchen is a total battlefield. Not only do my kids eat their 5-6 meals a day there (because, let’s be real their snacks more resemble meals than “snack”) but its right by our back door, where we enter and exit several times a day. Our shoes live there. Our electronics charge there. And of course, our MESS congregates there!

And maybe this is just me, but when I look at a big mess like this, I see something to be tackled and conquered. I really like the magic that happens when dishes are loaded or washed, crafts put away, floors swept, etc. And when I step back afterwards, I usually look at my accomplishments and give a big “nod” to myself for a job well done. And that’s for about 20-30 minutes worth of work. That’s all.

Imagine what it would be like to do WEEKS or MONTHS of work? To stand back and look at what you overcame and conquered and give yourself a nice big “nod” for a job well done. Do you see where I’m going here? 🙂

I first started thinking of the kitchen cleaning / weight loss journey analogy last year. Life as a busy mom of two was well underway, our house was newly listed on the market and I found myself in the kitchen, cleaning it, a LOT. I loved seeing the tangible change from before to after so immediately. And I realized my weight loss goals weren’t as tangible or quick. But that makes them even more satisfying and rewarding over time 🙂

Now that I’m here, today, I am proud to say I’m feeling more and more of that “stand back and nod” thing. I’ve hit my ultimate goal weight. I’m still eating the same I have been the last nearly year. I’m actually taking my workouts up a notch, not backing off. And while my goal was never just a number on the scale AND I like to think I will see even more results over time, there is definite progress to be seen comparing “before” to “after” now.

So what about you? What speaks “before” and “after” to you? And how sweet does it feel to compare the latter to the former?


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