May freezer meal assembly – GRILL EDITION

A couple of our group members asked if we could do some grill friendly recipes this summer awhile back. Enter freezer meal grill edition! We tried a LOT of new recipes this month. I have been having a LOT of fun writing and re-writing recipes these past couple months. I like getting feedback from our group members on what they like/dislike about certain recipes and I like taking recipes that are already out there and converting them to freezer meals without compromising on their quality at all. For instance, the chicken kabobs I made earlier this month were not a freezer meal, but with a few simple tweaks, I think they’ll come out just the same.

This month’s stats –

  • 11 preppers (9 in person and 2 that “proxy-ed in” by assembling meals at home if they couldn’t make it).
  • 14 sets of meals (we sold three sets)
  • 10 meals – 1 we had done before (lettuce wraps), 1 more I re-wrote from a previous month (sloppy joe’s), and 8 new recipes, including six “grill friendly” ones. Wow!
  • Just under $73 per prepper for their set of 10 meals. Another “WOW!” We had some major deal-finders this month especially on meat as it was Memorial Day weekend.

Further adding to the freezer meal-ing fun was that we had a house showing immediately before freezer meals, so the kids and I had to leave the house in perfect (i.e. not ready to assemble 100+ meals) condition and return, setting everything up as people arrived. Thank you SO much Cassidy Lynn for cooperating and going to bed early and quickly for Mama, that night 🙂

We were low on table space last month so I set up a makeshift pantry with all our spices and such. It worked out great!

We were masters of efficiency this month, since we began assembling whatever we could before all our preppers even arrived. Props to my amazing team for seeing this opportunity and going after it!

Even with an emergency trip to Aldi for honey (thanks Jenn!) we were still completely done in just about two hours. WOW. It was impressive.

Looking for our recipes? Join our Facebook group where I post recipes each month and offer tips on prepping these meals, too!



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