Cauliflower Rice Tutorial

There ya go! Instructions on making cauliflower rice! Got it? Good!

In case that video didn’t tell you what you need to know, here’s the scoop on making one of my FAVORITE side dishes – cauliflower rice! It’s so versatile, and really pretty easy, so we incorporate into our meals fairly often. I think we were skeptical (I’m quoting Mike who at one point wrote, “At first, I thought there was no way I was going to like this one, but it was pretty good. Especially a Spanish style Cauliflower rice.”) but now I’m definitely a huge fan.

First, you’ll want to pick up a pretty big head of cauliflower (if you’re cooking for more than two people that is). Then prep it by washing it up really good (I like to chop off the stem and chunk it into big florets before washing) and letting it drip dry a few minutes. Make sure your florets are small enough to fit through your food processor. Then, shoot ’em on through there! I have used both the standard blade and the grating blade. I prefer the grating blade, but surely you could pulse it with the regular blade too.

After all your cauliflower is “riced”, pick out any big chunks and either shoot ’em through again (or reward yourself with a prep time snack). Now if you’re prepping ahead like I do most days, just take the bowl of cauliflower rice, put it in the fridge and pull it out when you’re ready to cook. Or, go ahead and cook it right away if it’s time.

I like to heat up a tablespoon of coconut oil (olive oil would work too) and add my cauliflower rice for a really basic version. Saute it for 6-8 minutes or so, and then serve right away like you would regular rice.

For some modifications, try making a Spanish rice (Mike’s favorite), recipe available by clicking over here.

Or you can do a simple cilantro rice ala Chipotle (recipe here).

Finally, my personal favorite, a “chicken fried rice” that you can serve as a side dish OR add some chicken to and make it your entire meal! I love this one, so check out my previous post on it!


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