What about your kids?

One of the first four or five questions people ask me when they’re learning about my nutrition and lifestyle choices is “well what about your kids? What do you feed them?”

The answer is the same things Mike and I eat! And they absolutely love it! One night last week we were making dinner and it was a nice just the three of us were eating as Mike was on the road. Some things were ready before others and these guys were HUNGRY, so I let them dig in to what was ready. And in this case that was steamed broccoli and sauteed cole slaw mix with broccoli, cabbage and carrots.

It wasn’t a *huge* jump for these guys since we already ate lots of veggies, so now that we (Mike and I) eat more of them, the kids do, too! Though they don’t always like what is for dinner, they usually try it, and if Troy doesn’t eat it, he has to wait until breakfast to eat. It sounds harsh, I know, but he’s actually TOTALLY fine with this. We let them snack during the day (again, vegetables and other nutrient-dense foods are included in this) so if they don’t eat much at night, it’s no biggie.

 What was my meal on this particular evening? I love this simple meal of sauteed broccoli cole slaw (packaged from the store), sauteed in coconut oil with some chicken breast mixed in. 


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