Avocado chicken salad 

Click back a year ago and the nights that the kids and I were on our own for dinner we would often have frozen pizza or chicken nuggets. This year’s travel season has challenged me to continue eating healthful, home-prepared meals, regardless of how many adults are eating the meal. All that to be said, SIMPLE is still key, so I’m always looking for new “go-to’s”.

I had about five pounds of fresh chicken to grill up and use for salads and other meals this week, so I divided it into two sections. Chopped one group into kabob-sized pieces for tomorrow night and took the others and threw them on the grill. Added BBQ sauce to a couple of them for the kids, and shredded a couple of plain ones to try THIS incredible recipe. I had found a couple recipes on Pinterest but really don’t like mayo and I LOVE cilantro, so I modified them into this. Winner, winner!


2 cups shredded chicken (grilled is a bonus!)
1 avocado, mashed
1 t garlic salt
1/2 t pepper
2 t lime juice
2 t fresh cilantro
1/2 c plain greek yogurt

Mix all ingredients together and let sit in the fridge for at least an hour. Enjoy with chips, tortillas, pita bread or otherwise – or straight out of the bowl!


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