My first 10k

Back at the beginning of the year, Mike and I coined the phrase #fitfam15 to sum up how we were approaching this year. We did a fantastic job losing a ton of weight in 2014 but it wasn’t until late 2014 that we joined a gym and started working out regularly again. So 2014 was the year to shed weight, 2015 was the year to get fit.

For me, this meant pushing myself to new limits and doing things I never would have expected I could do. Until 2015, I had NEVER run further than 3.1 miles (a 5K) at one time. Until now, that is 🙂

I decided to train for the 10K as part of the Illinois Marathon. We always enjoy cheering on the Saturday morning runners and while I ran the 5K that falls on this weekend several years back, I had never been involved in the Saturday morning fun!

Below, me and my boy at the Marathon Expo. He was working the room!

  What’s the perfect fuel for a challenging run? Shakeology! My early start to the day began with this. The weather was insanely rainy. Like total downpours at times. Especially during the first mile and the sixth mile of my run. I had NEVER run in the rain before now. I felt incredible when I crossed that finish line!  My very wet son and hubby greeting me post-race!  Here’s my stats below. I was shocked that I came in under 1:05, and thrilled that I did! I had only run one 9:35 mile during all my training runs and had never averaged a ten min mile, so I was pretty thrilled with these results!  Now on to the next thing… and maybe a half marathon in 2016? Maybe?


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