Meatza – AKA Get Your Pizza Fix

Ever since going low carb in August, people think I’m lying when I say I don’t really miss carbs. I don’t crave bread. I miss pasta not at all. But if there were ONE thing I would say I miss it would be pizza. I love, love pizza. Now we’ve had a couple times where we’ve had straight up, ordered in pizza in the last seven months, but for the most part, we’ve either made cauliflower-crust pizza or just gone without.

Until now. Enter meatza.

My biggest complaint about cauliflower crust pizza is, while it tastes DELICIOUS, it’s just a lot of work. A fellow low carb friend told me about meatza when we first started and I just tried it this week. It is SO easy and so delicious. SERIOUSLY. Thank you world, for meatza.

You start by creating your meat “crust” which is meat, eggs and seasoning. Bake that and then top it off like a regular pizza, baking up until ooey gooey and bubbly.

Then you have this. Oh yum.


It TASTES like pizza. Meaty pizza that is. And you can’t pick it up to eat it, you have to eat it with a fork. No worries, this Chicago stuffed-pizza kind of girl is alright with that.

Be prepared for the “rock of meat” feeling in your stomach if you eat too much though. Nobody ever called low carb “light” and if they did, well they obviously never ate things like meatza, haha!


1 lb of grass-fed beef
2 eggs
1 T italian seasoning
A few shakes of parmesan cheese

Mix all ingredients together. Line a pan of your choice with parchment paper (you could use a pizza pan but I found a baking sheet worked best for me). Spread meat mixture evenly. Bake at 400 for 25 minutes. Remove, drain grease and pat with paper towel. Top with cheese and other pizza toppings, returning to oven to bake until hot and bubbly. Enjoy!


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