Sunday Fruit and Veggie Prep

We have a weekly tradition around here, typically on Sundays. I like to do our week’s grocery shopping over the weekend, so by Sunday afternoon, there’s a bunch of produce in the house that needs to be washed and prepped to be snacked upon all week. My kids are both HUGE fruit and veggie eaters (which is great!) but it means I need to have all our produce at the ready. Not to mention I’m more likely to eat a salad if its already put together or at least washed and chopped up, just waiting to be assembled.

My littlest helper insists on watching the whole process at counter-level. She also snacks the entire time on whatever I’m cutting up 🙂

When I’m done, our fridge looks something like this 🙂 All the bowls on the bottom two shelves are purposefully at Troy-level so my four year old can help himself even if I’m not around. Fruits and veggies are ALWAYS an option here!


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