The Day it Begins

Thank you to everyone who has been encouraging and supporting me over this past year as I’ve journeyed to this point… seriously, all your encouragement is amazing and motivating!

I’m sharing this pic now because today I took a step to start a new chapter in my journey as a healthier me. Over the last year, I’ve felt myself gain momentum in finding new ways to push myself to new limits, ones I honestly never thought I’d see. I was “stuck” unhappily in what I thought was a post-baby body, never to be the same again. But once I got going, it’s been hard to stop myself. I happily blasted away the end of the baby weight and kept on going! And I continue to find it FUN instead of a chore! It hasn’t just been about weight loss or good workouts – its been about living an active life where I enjoy chasing after my kids more and even household chores are so much easier than before!

And now I’ve taken a big step towards helping others come along this journey with me. Mine isn’t “complete” by any means, nor do I have all the “answers”. But I do know that I couldn’t do what I’ve done without such fantastic support! More details to come in the next few weeks so stay tuned… ‪#‎endthetrend‬


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