Progress Pic: February

Been awhile since I posted a progress pic. I took the photo on the left the day we signed up for our Y membership and I officially began working out. I didn’t and still do not expect exercise to help me lose any dramatic amount of weight, but I DID and DO expect my body to become stronger and leaner as I push it harder.

The time lapse between these photos only represents 7 pounds lost, but as I can attest to strongly, weight loss is so NOT everything. I feel a lot stronger. My arms are more toned. I literally can feel fat burning off during workouts as I do things like tuck jumps, planks and a couple (literally just two this week) push-ups on my toes, not my knees for the first time. Working out is truly FUN, and I can honestly say I enjoy everything in my regular rotation right now. Can’t wait to keep it up!

I saw a quote “summer bodies are made in the winter” and it resonated with me. Last August I had a dream that I would literally need a new wardrobe for next summer and so far (sorry Mike!) this is lending itself to be true. Spring clothes are hitting the racks and I continue to hit the gym and push harder… it’s going to be a good year!

Quick recap of what I’m “doing” at this point: still eating low-carb, though I’m following the 90-10 rule for the most part. Everything I’m making and bringing into the house is still no bread/pasta/etc. Occasionally we’ll have a dish with some rice or quinoa. I will, however, be a little more lenient with myself when I’m at my moms group or small group and have something that wouldn’t fit in with my regular “low carb” plan. Working out a handful of times a week, ideally at least three, including one run, and Body Attack or Body Pump classes.

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