Progress Pic: October

Lots of progress still happening over here at the Cunningham house, I’m proud to share! Still eating low-carb (Mike is eating VERY low carb) and still dropping pounds. I’ve lost a total of 33 pounds this year, 15 of those since making the carb changes beginning in August.
Still feeling great and I love feeling more comfortable and healthy on a daily basis! I’ve also been drinking a protein shake nearly daily for breakfast now for more than a month, after trying a couple different ones, I’ve settled on Sunwarrior Raw Vegan Protein (vanilla). It fits in our budget unlike some of the more costlier meal replacements out there and its really versatile!

Mike doesn’t know I made a progress pic for him this month, but I did, hehe 🙂 I’m ridiculously proud of this guy…34 pounds gone since the beginning of August! Way to go baby, you’re doing amazing!

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and encouragement as we journey along! We so appreciate you!


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