9 Months Postpartum

Here is this photo, 3 days before I delivered Cassidy. Oofta.

I tend to gain a ton fair amount of weight with my babies. This pregnancy was 45 pounds total (still less than Troy, thankfully, when I was 50+ pounds). And since I’m otherwise healthy while pregnant, several of my midwives told me not to sweat it and its just what my body does when I’m growing a person πŸ™‚

So after I had Cass, thanks to breastfeeding and just normal life, I ended up losing 25 pounds of that. And then it just stopped. Case in point, this photo below from January (I had been at this weight since mid-December, excuse the poor photoshopping).

By the time March rolled around, I knew I had to do something to lose the rest of the baby weight (around 20 pounds). I started (sort of) watching what I ate (at least tracking it) and found myself running a couple times a week. I’ve just starting using Daily BurnΒ too, because, as the commercial says, “the hardest part about going to the gym is going to the gym.” Truth.

Here I am today! Down another 18 pounds. I’m about 2 pounds over what I was when I got pregnant with Cassidy but even though the scale’s not changing I’m seeing good results in the last week or so. Felt pretty good to dust off some new old jeans this week from my closet πŸ™‚ And I feel really good, too!

The exciting part for me is that I’m not done yet! Just because the baby weight is *almost* gone, I have plans to keep going and to work off even more in the year to come (goal – 20 more). Hopefully, this next year will bring some more regular sleep so I can get up early consistently and inevitably I’ll try some new things, too. Plus I *could* stop making excuses and really watch what I’m eating day to day πŸ™‚
My friend and doula Jill told me after I had Troy, 9 months on, 9 months off in regard to the baby weight. And thankfully, that’s been pretty close to true in both instances for me! Thanks to the many of you who have encouraged me as I work this weight off!

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